A data set containing 2,000 microbial isolates with their full antibiograms. The data set reflects reality and can be used to practice AMR analysis. For examples, please read the tutorial on our website.



A data.frame with 2,000 observations and 49 variables:

  • date
    date of receipt at the laboratory

  • hospital_id
    ID of the hospital, from A to D

  • ward_icu
    logical to determine if ward is an intensive care unit

  • ward_clinical
    logical to determine if ward is a regular clinical ward

  • ward_outpatient
    logical to determine if ward is an outpatient clinic

  • age
    age of the patient

  • gender
    gender of the patient

  • patient_id
    ID of the patient

  • mo
    ID of microorganism created with as.mo(), see also microorganisms

    40 different antibiotics with class rsi (see as.rsi()); these column names occur in the antibiotics data set and can be translated with ab_name()

Read more on our website!

On our website https://msberends.github.io/AMR you can find a comprehensive tutorial about how to conduct AMR analysis, the complete documentation of all functions (which reads a lot easier than here in R) and an example analysis using WHONET data.